The property offers the flavour and the feeling of Tuscany through it's elegant panorama and breathtaking views.
La Falconara offers it's guests spacious and comfortable apartments (about 57-60 mt2 or 625 sq ft. each), all with a private outdoor terrace, towards a gorgeous Italian garden.
The comfort and unique peace of the apartments, and the sympathy and discretion of your hosts and proprietors, offer you very pleasant leisure days.

  • Furniture: refined and comfortable, family owned
  • Kitchen: fully equipped furnace with four fires and a convection oven, a small refrigerator, a dishwasher, both mokka and American style coffee maker, other smaller electric kitchen aids and plenty of cooking tools.
  • Bathroom: spacious, comfortable and efficient (approx. 2,30 x 2,75 mt = 7,6' x 9').
  • Twin beds arranged as an oversized Queen: modern construction, with a double mesh spring and orthopaedic mattress (1.70 x 1,95 = 67" x 76").
  • Furnishings: bed linens, bath room towels and rug: the best Italian cotton and fabric, In the kitchen: a complete dinner service for 6, plus the dinner table and chairs.
  • Outdoors:: a private garden table and chairs, with a large umbrella.
  • Heating and hot water: autonomous, supplied by solar panels and powered by GPL gas boilers.
  • Environment: ample, fresh during the summer, with roll up mosquito nets on the East side windows.

The Apartaments

The apartments for the guests are spacious, welcoming and homely, each with independent entrances which open towards a gorgeous Italian garden, the property offers the flavour and the feeling of Tuscany through it's elegant panorama and breathtaking views.


Another highlight of La Falconara is our common leisure room, located in the old house cellar, properly restored and equipped, also used for cooking lessons and wine and olive oil tastings.

The Cantinello

Our common leisure room

The Cantinello is thought to be a place to stay during your free time, enjoy a dinner with your family and friends or as a wine and olive oil tasting room: extra virgin olive oil, wine Nobile di Montepulciano DOCGRosso di MontepulcianoRosato di Montepulciano. It can sit 12 adults.

The small kitchen is also equipped with a large dishwasher.

The terrace outside has tables, benches and a large umbrella. The view from the back large door (looking East) is breathtaking.

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