Cream of fennel

It is a cream with a velvet sensation, a recipe for end summer when the temperature starts to cool down, distinctively perfumed of fennel, prepared as follows for 6 persons:

  • 5-6 medium size fennels, preferably with many leaves
  • 1 large potato
  • 2 medium large onions and a fairly large carrot
  • 2 litres of light chicken broth (wings, necks, carcass, one onion, one celery leaf, one carrot in pieces) slightly salted
  • 70 gm of fresh butter


The first leaves of the fennels should be separated, cut in pieces and added to the broth, at the end of the cooking time (not more than 40 min.), in order to add its perfume. The rest of the bulb, cut in half, should me sliced thin and again cut, and set aside. Set aside also the leaves of the fennel.

Peel the potato and cut in relatively small pieces.

As soon as the broth is ready, fry in pan with olive oil the onion ( sliced and cut), the carrot (gross grated), until you have obtain a tran lucid appearance. Add to the fried vegetables 2/3 of the fennel and keep frying a few minutes. Then add half or more of the clean broth, in addition to the potato. Cook for aprox. 25 min. Put off the fire, add the rest of the fennel and let its fibres weaken. Observe the consistency of that soup, and in case, add more broth (remember you want a cream in the end). Shake in a food processor, in two parts. While you shake, add the leaves of the fennel set aside, and reduce to the consistency of a cream. Use a large hole sieve (the one used to strain pasta will do), and while the cream is still hot, add the butter and melt. Before taking to the table, warm a little (not boil), and serve in soup dishes decorated with a few fennel leaves. Please don' add cheese.

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